LifeVeda Story

Our Journey begins…

Amazing Nature

In 2006, a group of us sharing same interest started LifeVeda Healthcare, with the mission to promote affordable, easy and effective use of aromatherapy and natural therapy, so that more people use natural based products in their daily life and enjoy wonderful benefits of natural protection and healing.

Throughout 15 years in operation, we gather valuable experience through various cases and continue improving our solutioning. Thankfully, we have seen amazing healing power of aromatherapy helping many people and family in improving physical and mental wellbeing, as well as quality of life

What We Offer...

We CARE for You

LifeVeda provides wide range of healthcare and beauty care solutions through aromatherapy and natural therapy. We believe LifeVeda solutions can maximise benefits to our customers while we care about quality and customer’s needs from start:

  • WE SOURCE… Natural ingredients, aromatherapy grade essential oils and hydrosols are sourced from established suppliers worldwide.
  • WE MAKE… All our products are formulated with our unique recipe that is developed from our experience in various case study, customer feedback, incorporating eastern and western therapy knowledge.
  • WE SERVE… By understanding customer’s condition and needs through consultation and service, we provide personalised solution for our customer for achieving desired result.

Our Journey continues…

Be Healthy and Beautiful Naturally

We are committed to bring aromatherapy and natural healthcare into everyday life to achieve our vision on making a happy, caring and healthy community.