LifeVeda Solution

Hair Care Series

Reduce Hair Loss

Reduce Dandruff

Relieve Stress

Revitalise Scalp

Improve Circulation

Promote Hair Growth

Regulate Sebum


Prevent Hair Problem

Best Results with Our Personalised Treatment

Head & Scalp Meridian Treatment

Healthy Hair Through Natural Regeneration

Customer Review

I felt itch on my head and hairloss after gv birth 3 months. Consulted by Kelly, found out had redness on it. I used shampoo and scalp spray. I massage my head 1-2 mins every time after applied scalp spray. After one month, got baby hair come out


Life Veda has an excellent service treatment and product. I had been treatment for my loss hair past few year ago. After few treatment, I found out my hair had improvement. Many thanks to Life Veda.


I gained significant result on their hair treatment and hair grow product, I will continue use the product to strengthen my scalp for happy growing hair.


Relief & Relax Series


Ingredients from natural plant extract, No artificial additives


Easy to use, just roll on, You can use it anytime anywhere.


Quick relief from inside out. It goes deep to relieve your discomfort

Best Results with Our Personalised Treatment

Neck & Shoulder Meridian Treatment

Deep Relief Through Warm Hand Touch

Customer Review

I like the multi relief roll-on, it comes in a small convenient bottle that I can bring along in my handbag, and whenever my family need to relief discomforts such as headache, motion sickness, itchiness & etc, it work well for my family. I have no worry about the side effect when apply it on my children skin, as it is 100% natural lavender smell, it makes them feel relaxing n comfortable.


After my first deep relax roll on, I found out that it was effective on me. I use it daily before sleep to ease my painful and stiff shoulder so that I can sleep better I love the aromatic smell too coz it helps me feel calm at night. A great product indeed


My family has been using these for many years for aches and pain. Effective and fast relief. A must have for travelling too.


Immunity Series

Customer Review

I used to suffer from gum bleeding from time to time even with a good gum care toothpaste doesn't improved much. My bleeding improves after using just a bottle. Even the dentist was happy with my gum healing after just a week after the wisdom tooth removal. Ever since, It has become part of my brushing regime for years.


I think the most favourable part to me in LifeVeda is their aromatherapist. Professional, knowledgeable and they know exactly what you need and blend the essential oil accordingly. My girl has been on immune system oil to boost and maintain her immunity. She's also using respiratory system essential oil for her sinusitis and asthmatic and they are both under control.


I feel better after using gum care mouth wash can maintain gum and no bleeding