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Aroma Hair Care Set




For best result, please answer questions below for us to customise the product to your needs.



  • One (1) Complete Hair Care Set, consists of:

– Aroma Shampoo (250ml x 1), Aroma Conditioner (120ml x 1), Scalp Spray (50ml x 1)

  • Personalised based on your selection and answers in the order
  • Free of SLS
  • Deep cleansing
  • Prevent /relieve hair loss, dandruff, sensitive or dry scalp
  • Relieve stress
  • Refreshing natural aroma, energising


Refer to Guide to Aroma Hair Care (to be provided)


Customer Review

Ever since I started to use anti-sensitive and dandruff hair care series products, I don’t find a stopping point. I recalled it was all began after my first pregnancy – hair fall. I signed up for a package/ programme from a hair saloon that ended up more issues – scalp became sensitive and itchy. Thanks to LifeVeda Aroma Shampoo and Scalp Spray, my scalp sensitivity is now under control and those hair fall areas start growing hair again!


I felt itch on my head and hair loss after gave birth 3 months. Consulted by Kelly, found out had redness on it. I used shampoo and scalp spray. I massage my head 1-2 mins every time after applied scalp spray. After one month, got baby hair come out


LifeVeda has an excellent service, treatment and product. I had treatment for my hair loss few years ago. After few treatments, I found out my hair loss has improvement. Many thanks to LifeVeda!


I gained significant result on their hair treatment and hair loss products. I will continue use the product to strengthen my scalp for happy growing hair


一路来我都有脱发问题,通过我的一位旧同事说她的朋友有可能帮到我。然后我就去LifeVeda 了解整个治脱发和生发的疗程。做了几个疗程再配合洗发水和精油,结果生了很多baby hair。大家要记得脱发容易,生发很难,所以要有耐心和配合lifeVeda 的产品。重点是产品价格不贵大众化,比起什么大品牌来的好(因为本身有去过那些所谓的大品牌护发中心治疗,都没效果,反而一直要签配套和购买他们那些昂贵的产品)。大家不妨试一试,成不成功就在于您的耐心与配合了。


用了Aroma Shampoo (anti hair loss) 之后我的脱发问题有很大的改善。每次用它洗了头都感觉特别清爽和舒服。


感谢朋友介绍LifeVeda, 她们帮我改善了产后脱发问题和口腔问题

Tan AL

洗发水和Scalp Spray 很好用,我头发真的掉少了很多,而且头皮敏感改善很多了。我之前很烦恼掉发和头皮痒的问题,现在都不必烦恼了


以前因为舞台表演的关系,发际边缘脱落的头发已没再生长。后来因为生产的关系,脱发问题越来越严重。用了LifeVeda特别调配的Aroma Shampoo及Scalp Spray之后,脱发的状况不仅停止了,就连10年前因为表演而脱落的头发都一并长出来了。恢复以前浓密的样子,超开心。


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