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Multi Relief Roll-On Trial Pack



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  • Natural & mild – Highly effective & quick relief
  • Best companion when travelling and at home
  • Relieve aches & itchy skin
  • Anti inflammation
  • Relieve mosquito & insect bites
  • Relieve discomfort in digestion and stomach

Main Essential Oils:
Chamomile Roman Anthemis nobilis, Lavender Lavandula angustifolia, … in jojoba

Hold the roll-on to apply on the affected area

Refer to Guide to Aroma Roll-on for more details on use

Customer Review

I like Multi Relief roll-on, it comes in a small convenient bottle that I can bring along in my handbag, and whenever my family needs to relief discomforts such as headache, motion sickness, itchiness, etc., it works well for my family. I have no worry about the side effect when apply it on my children skin, as it is 100% natural ingredients. My children love its natural lavender smell, it makes them feel relaxing and comfortable.


Aroma Multi Relief roll-on is an essential oil product that you must have in your handbag. The packaging (roll-on bottle) is very convenient and the size is just nice to me. More importantly, it is named as what it is – multi relief = multi usage. I use it on my children mosquito bites, small area of eczema, small cuts, bruises and etc. I love this product!


A must to have at home and in your purse! It had helped me to relieve aching, pimples (big/ small), itches & mouth ulcer. You wont regret having it handy!




Multi Relief 是我的护肤神,当去到那里,都随身带着它,当头晕头痛,一定要找它,因为真的很有效。这是我本身经验,在右脚皮肤生了红色又痒的小豆,久久不消肿,试擦Multi Relief 过后,表面有肿脓清干净后,几天后就好了,真的很神奇,所以我叫它为神奇油。




Multi Relief 好用,不然不会repeat order,可以减轻酸痛又能止痒。Very good


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